Snooker Table Recovering in Kent, London and Essex

Snooker table recovering by simply pool and snooker is carried out by our own riley trained, fully qualified fitters with over thirty years of experience. Our fitters have worked on the manufacture of snooker tables as well as snooker table recovering and repairs in the commercial and domestic markets as well as major World Snooker Tournaments Worldwide. You can therefore feel rest assured, no matter the problem, our fitters can put it right.

Snooker Table Recovering in Burgundy. New nets, leathers and pocket rails

Snooker Table Recovering in Burgundy.
New nets, leathers and pocket rails

Simply pool and Snooker are based in Kent which enables us to have easy access to snooker table recovering in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and all Home Counties leading off from the M25 motorway.

We only use Strachan 6811 Tournament pure wool napped cloth and Hainsworth Smart. If the customer requires a particular colour to suit the scheme of a particular room, we can send out a colour chart from Hainsworth. Beware of some companies out there who use sub-standard and non conformist cloth.

Smart Colour Chart

Smart Colour Chart

Strachan 6811 mill

Strachan 6811 mill

Strachan 6811 Tournament

Strachan 6811 Tournament

As well as snooker table recovering simply pool and snooker can re-rubber your cushions using top quality Northern Rubber as well as change your nets, leathers, pocket rails. We can also take the snooker table away and have it stripped, repaired and repolished. We will then re-install the table which will give it a total facelift. We appreciate that owners of a snooker table are snooker enthusiasts and want their snooker table in tip top condition. Just remember, no matter the condition of your table, we can transform it to look in pristine condition.

On arrival at the customers address our fitters will remove and strip the cushions making sure the cushion slips are are in a workable condition before recovering. Slips are replaced where required.

Cloth secured by cushion slip

Cloth secured by cushion slip

The old bed cloth is then removed and the slate cleaned of any dust and debris. Slate joints are then checked and repaired if needed. The fitter will then check that the table is level level and rectified if required.

Snooker slates being checked

Snooker slates being checked

The new cloth is then stretched and fitted onto the the bed and marked out.

New cloth fitted

New cloth fitted

Cushions and pockets are then bolted back on and the snooker table is ready for play.

Simply pool and snooker are specialists in snooker table recovering in Kent, London, Essex and surrounding Home Counties. If you require this service please give our team at Simply Pool and Snooker a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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