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Buying or Selling a Snooker Table on eBay (Snooker Table Removals)

Buying or selling a snooker table on eBay is all about getting it right. Don’t get me wrong, there are some bargains to be had but one persons description of “mint condition”, may not be yours. It is important to … Continue reading

Pool Table Recovering in Special Colours

Pool table recovering in Central London can be a tricky business. Theres the congestion charge to be thinking of. The parking, if you can find a space that can be a nightmare and, in certain boroughs rather expensive. Simply pool … Continue reading

Pool Table Chalk Dunes and Goal Posts?

Pool table chalk dunes? I bet you never heard of that one before? Well, they do exist. Whenever I am repairing a pool table and the customer tells me that the table is not level or the balls vere off … Continue reading

Snooker Tables used in the Snooker Masters

Snooker tables used in the Snooker Masters since 2009 is made by Star. Prior to 2009 snooker tables used in all World Snooker competitions was the Riley Aristocrat Tournament Champion. All match snooker tables have steel block cushions and the … Continue reading

The Bridge (how to hold a snooker table cue correctly)

When I am on my travels carrying out a snooker table recovering I often have to wait for the players on the snooker table to finish their game before I can start my work. Sometimes, these games seem to go on forever, … Continue reading

Pool Table Recovering Kent (New Romney)

Simply pool and snooker provide a pool table recovering service in Kent and surrounding areas. Once you have made the initial enquiry and decided on what cloth and colour you would like you can feel rest assured that the job … Continue reading

How to Grip a Snooker Cue

The grip is easy. Pick up the cue a few inches from the butt end as if you were going to use it as a club. Relax the tension in your hand. The cue should rest lightly, held just firmly … Continue reading

Cueing Action (part 3)

The key to success for some curious reason, run-of-the mill and even quite good snooker players do not have a similar obsession with their cueing action.  They worry about potting angles and gaining position. They strive to gain cue control … Continue reading

Cueing Action (part 2)

That may sound like a gross over simplification, but a moment’s reflection will tell you that it is not. In order to achieve any desired result with the object ball (potting it being the most obvious one) and subsequently with … Continue reading

Cueing Action (part 1)

Anyone who has spent any time at all on a snooker table knows that it is easy enough to pot a red ball now and again. And if that pot leaves the cue ball well positioned on a colour, either … Continue reading