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Xbox One or Pool Table What Do You Think?

Xbox One or pool table, after reading this blog what do you think? After a quick search on Amazon I can see that the new Xbox One with a game retails at approximately £449.00. Add to this that certain games … Continue reading

The Stance

The reason the stance is so important is that at the moment of playing the shot the body should be absolutely still, with the exception of the right forearm (assuming you are right-handed). To be still you must be steady … Continue reading

History of Pool

Welcome to simply pool and snooker’s blog. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment or request other blog’s on any subject within the snooker table industry such as pool table recovering. The beginning of British Pool American … Continue reading

Buying a Pool Table

When buying a second hand pool table consider the cost of pool table recovering Continue reading

Party Pool Table Hire

Pool table hire has become very popular for various corporate events and private parties. Simply pool and snooker hire pool tables and also provide football table hire for all occasions and events including Weddings, Parties, Competitions, Film and TV work. We appreciate that … Continue reading

Pool Table Recovering

When out pool table recovering Simply Pool and Snooker often come across pool tables which have been repaired by extremely bad fitters. We take care in our work and so do ninety nine percent of other tradesmen within the industry. … Continue reading

Snooker Table Balls (part 2)

Snooker tables balls are two inch and one sixteenth and English pool table balls are two inch. When pool table recovering I am often asked why the white ball comes out at one end of pool tables and the colours at the other??? Continue reading

The Snooker Table Ball

The origins of the snooker table balls goes back to the slaughter of thousands of elephants. Continue reading

Pot Black (The Snooker Table)

An important ingredient in the POT BLACK series is the snooker table. Television veiwers assume the snooker table has not altered in design or construction since the game was invented. The billiards table, to give it its correct name, and … Continue reading

Origins of the Snooker Table Cue

Snooker table cues have a flat surface on the handle. Why? Continue reading