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Regular Pool Table Recovering will Increase Profits

Pool table recovering on a regular basis will help push up your income. This is a fact! By keeping your pool table in pristine condition will make your table more desirable than others to play on.   It’s not rocket … Continue reading

Buying a Pool Table

When buying a second hand pool table consider the cost of pool table recovering Continue reading

Party Pool Table Hire

Pool table hire has become very popular for various corporate events and private parties. Simply pool and snooker hire pool tables and also provide football table hire for all occasions and events including Weddings, Parties, Competitions, Film and TV work. We appreciate that … Continue reading

Pool Table Hire for your School or College

Simply pool and snooker have been hiring pool tables since nineteen seventy seven. We are one of the original companies when the pool table hire phenomenon first arrived in the United Kingdom. Because pool tables where the latest craze at … Continue reading

Pool Table Recovering

When out pool table recovering Simply Pool and Snooker often come across pool tables which have been repaired by extremely bad fitters. We take care in our work and so do ninety nine percent of other tradesmen within the industry. … Continue reading

Snooker Table Balls (part 2)

Snooker tables balls are two inch and one sixteenth and English pool table balls are two inch. When pool table recovering I am often asked why the white ball comes out at one end of pool tables and the colours at the other??? Continue reading

The Snooker Table Ball

The origins of the snooker table balls goes back to the slaughter of thousands of elephants. Continue reading

Origins of the Snooker Table Cue

Snooker table cues have a flat surface on the handle. Why? Continue reading

Maintenance of a Pool Table

Pool table maintenance is essential to keep your table in good condition. It is essential to keep the cloth dry and brushed regularly. When brushing pool tables you should always follow the direction of the cloth. The nap runs from the … Continue reading

Snooker Table Transportation (part 3)

The vans and horse carts that the snooker table manufacturers used, where kept in pristine condition. The horses were well looked after by the driver whose job it was to make sure these horses were fed and watered 365 days … Continue reading