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Pool Table: How To Brush Correctly and Remove Spills

A question I am often asked is how to clean a pool table? How to Clean a Pool Table Most English 8 ball pool tables have a napped cloth which needs to be brushed in a certain direction. If you … Continue reading

Snooker Tables used in the Snooker Masters

Snooker tables used in the Snooker Masters since 2009 is made by Star. Prior to 2009 snooker tables used in all World Snooker competitions was the Riley Aristocrat Tournament Champion. All match snooker tables have steel block cushions and the … Continue reading

Snooker Balls where do they originate from?

The origins of snooker balls actually derives from a game played on grass similar to croquette. Hence most cue sport games are played on a green baize which mimics grass. Original snooker balls  were made of ivory. In the nineteenth … Continue reading

The Deluxe Foldaway Pool Table is Serious

If you are looking at pool tables for sale with a view to buying, but space is at a premium, then why not consider the deluxe foldaway pool table. These pool tables are available in six and seven foot versions and come in … Continue reading