Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pool Table Recovering Kent (New Romney)

Simply pool and snooker provide a pool table recovering service in Kent and surrounding areas. Once you have made the initial enquiry and decided on what cloth and colour you would like you can feel rest assured that the job … Continue reading

Pool Table Hire Kent

Early this week I had a call from a students hall of residence asking to hire a pool table on a long term contract. They were opening in two days time and worried that they wouldn’t get a pool table … Continue reading

Recovering in Blue

Here at simply pool and snooker we supply an excellent pool table recovering service. Last week a customer asked if we could carry out a pool table recover in blue cloth. We also supply various colours and logo cloths are … Continue reading

How to Grip a Snooker Cue

The grip is easy. Pick up the cue a few inches from the butt end as if you were going to use it as a club. Relax the tension in your hand. The cue should rest lightly, held just firmly … Continue reading

The Stance

The reason the stance is so important is that at the moment of playing the shot the body should be absolutely still, with the exception of the right forearm (assuming you are right-handed). To be still you must be steady … Continue reading