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POT BLACK (The Snooker Table cont.)

In the second half of the nineteenth century/snooker tables manufactured in Liverpool had cast-iron underframes. These tables stood on six legs and one of them was in use in a staff canteen in Liverpool until a few years ago. The … Continue reading

Pot Black (The Snooker Table)

An important ingredient in the POT BLACK series is the snooker table. Television veiwers assume the snooker table has not altered in design or construction since the game was invented. The billiards table, to give it its correct name, and … Continue reading

Pot Black cont…

Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain djed in 1944 at the age of 88. By that year Joe Davis had realised the potential of the game now played on snooker tables and had developed it to the precise science – or is … Continue reading

Well Done Ronnie

Congratulations to Ronnie O’sullivan on successfully winning his 4th world snooker title on the star tournament snooker table.

Pot Black (The Beginning)

Snooker tables have pocket rails due to the number of balls being potted during a game. Continue reading