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Pool Tables and their origins

The game of pyramids was the early ancestor of pool. It was played with a triangle of fifteen red balls. Imagine where the eight ball is placed within a pool table triangle, the equivalent red ball would be placed over … Continue reading

Introduction to playing pool

Most people reading this blog would have played pool before or will at least have seen it played , either in pubs and clubs or on television. Depending on where you live in the world will determine what version of … Continue reading

Improvements of Billiard Tables

At around 1820 improvements were being made to the quality of billiard/snooker tables by Englishman Edwin Kentfield and American industrialist John Thurston who in 1826 began to use slate instead of wood as the bed of the table. This idea … Continue reading

Origin of the name Billiards

The precise origin of the word billiards remains a mystery. The game was extremely fashionable in France and was played by members of the ruling classes within French society. The game was played with a mace (billart) and ball (bille). … Continue reading

Pool Rules that do not actually exist

Pool rules that do not actually exist You must double the black When out doing a pool table recovering job, I often hear this shouted out. It is one of those you hear around pool table halls when the player … Continue reading