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The Origins of Snooker.

The Origins of Snooker The game of Billiards was originally known as ground billiards and was played on grass. It probably derived from bowls which was played by the Egyptians in 5200BC. Describing his travels through Greece in the 6th … Continue reading

The co-existence of pool and snooker

The Co-existence of pool and snooker In the early 20th century the progression from billiards to snooker was quite straight forward as snooker became the more popular game. The same cannot be said about pool. The introduction of pool tables … Continue reading

Origins of BAPTO

The origins of BAPTO In 1975 the British Association of Pool Table Operators (BAPTO) was first thought up by a small group of pool table operators. Its aim was to organise the various different sets of rules for the game … Continue reading

History of Pool continued

The Beginning of British Pool continued…. Take yourself back to the 1960,s and think about how many pool tables would have been seen in and around the British Isles? Now fast forward to 1985 and the estimated number of pool … Continue reading